Re: Why does the SBCL REPL suck so bad?

Erik R. wrote:
I'm new to lisp and just starting my first program. I must state
upfront that I can't stand emacs. That might be blasphemous in this
newsgroup, but I'm sorry...I just don't like it at all. I've got
Eclipse and CUSP (attaching to SBCL) set up and it seems to be a
pretty good lisp IDE so far. The only problem is that in-package
doesn't work in the CUSP REPL, so I've just run SBCL directly and have
loaded my project and am testing my functions as I write them.

But what's killing me is the extreme unusability of the SBCL REPL.

Where do I send the check? I can do Direct Deposit if you like.


OTOH, it did just reach Release 1.0 recently, we had a big party, everyone was very....PWUAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!!


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