Re: Cello Lives!

Nobody said that is going to be easy, custom work is very hard to get
right, most of them look like some kiddo do it in their free time
between school and playing playstation. Especially the artistic feel
is very important. Still when you do it right you have a selling
point, Apple is fine example of it, else why would I use a buggy beta
browser under windows, or Quicktime player which has a problem to fit
the movie to the screen. But they both look great and stay. The Vista
is another functionality nemesis but it looks good, so I ended
installing Vista for Xp pack. Beauty is contagious if your
competitot app looks better than your guess which one I'm gonna
download to try it first. Unless he's app it's awfull I might not even
look at your app, though it might be better in functional terms.

If you need something mission critical go for the standard & most
reliable solution, but I wouldn't get killed if my browser crushes or
eat my google group post. The market is overfloated with products who
have simigliar features, so people might not even give a try to your
app if it's like just another serial crup. The custom made is not a
silver bullet either, unless you done it right your custom will look
amataeroush. By doing it right means spending some more time building
& debugging it, hire a real artist to design your icons, menus, some
cool background and pics etc. All of those require a lot of work and
probably money so if you aren't ready don't stick with your visual
studio / gtk / whatever as good design is hard to get , but people
recognise it immediately.

Gui interfaces made from programmers are usually boring like death or
ugly like sin. If you can't make a good looking custom design, stick
with boring it makes you look professional , whatever that means.