Re: What's ANSI Up To?

Brian Adkins wrote:
On Sep 13, 9:43 pm, Ken Tilton <kennytil...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

And string-downcase but lower-case-p? Not even lowercasep?

Oh, oh, I can fix it!

(defmacro lowercase-p (c)
`(lower-case-p ,c))

Where's Eli? This is perfect - can't do that in Ruby ;)

(a) You seem to be unaware of the Laws of Conservation of Hyphen Momentum: according to the CLHS, a term in hyphen motion tends to remain in motion, a term at hyphen rest tends to remain at rest.

(b) Really, the worst thing you can do in CL is use a macro where a function would do. The Pope does not sudo ex cathedra to say, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."



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