Re: Visualize class inheritance

Frank Goenninger DG1SBG wrote:
Joubert Nel <joubert.nel@xxxxxxxxx> writes:


Does anybody use a tool that can take a bunch of files with CL code
and generate a graphic that shows the inheritance tree of classes
defined in those files?


PS: I don't care about the slots, generic functions, methods, etc.

Hi -

I am enjoying the LispWorks IDE now for about three days and I just
love it. It does have a class browser - and a function call browser, a
system browser, a ... well, lot's of stuff. LW Personal
Edition. Free. Installs in 5 min (including DL time for me).

The interesting thing to me is that the OP asked for something vastly different and un-Lispy. You describe a Lisp compiler, repl, and full blown IDE, he just wants to get from Lisp source to a reasonable visualization. Yes, a compiler/IDE is a "tool", but I am somehow hearing "without compiling the whole damn thing".

If I am mistaken, the tool I would suggest is PRINT.



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