Re: How to protect your lisp foreign code interaction ?

Slobodan Blazeski wrote:
I'm working on a 4th iteration on monetd-mapi
it's basically a library build with cffi
to interface with monetdb

The problem is that foreign code interaction has (sometimes) nasty
idea to block the whole lisp process ,
sometimes even crushing it, rare but it happens.
So I was thinking to provide some Erlang style *process-protection*
and CL-MUPROC came to my mind.
Anybody has some idea how well could it help for managing lost
processes, or has some other experiences with it?
Or any other suggestion for my problem will be appreciated?



Like several posters have already pointed out, cl-muproc relies on the multiprocessing facilities of the implementation, and so does not offer additional protection from blocking within a FFI call.

[author of cl-muproc]