On Nov 6, 12:10 pm, Ken Tilton <kennytil...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Pillsy wrote:

It feels "wrong" for some reason, but I can't put my finger on why,
and maybe it's a common way of doing things.

I think it feels wrong because stuff-i-do-often seems not to be part of
initialization per se, you are just putting it there "to make sure it
gets done", which is more about paranoia than clean design. My guess is
that stuff-i-do-often is in fact (the first) part of some other process,
and that you will or should have it there anyway.

You may be right about this. It's also possible (and something that
had occurred to me while going through some of my recent fixing) that
the way I've decided what goes in which class may be wrong. E.g.,
maybe I should have a MODEL class (which is all the stuff that doesn't
change from run to run, or over the course of the run, like the RNA
sequence I'm looking at or the temperature) and STATE class (which
contains stuff that does change, ranging from the moves I've done so
far to which bases are paired together right now) instead.

Still, though, some of the mutable structures aren't something I
really want to allocate every time if I can avoid it; they feature
largish arrays and hash tables, and I already cons more than I'd
really like.

It's something to think about.