Re: CLOS persistence

Ken wrote:
uh-oh. Has Lisp open software proven that Franz is worth the <gasp> price? [Cue the bolsheviks]

Devil's advocate: Or did overpriced Lisp software and hardware drive a generation of developers to cheaper (free?) alternatives such as C/C++/Perl/Python. Given that critical mass, open-source software flourishes across the internet. I dare say that more high-quality free software is developed in C/C++ than the total of Lisp software.

Lisp is still stuck where Unix was some 15 years ago: fragmented camps competing for a small high-end market. HP-UX, SunOS, IRIX, ... all trumped by MS Windows (and MacOS and Linux)!?! Franz should be making money by developing cool Lisp apps for new customers, not by charging others to use the language. They have a good product, but the market is speaking -- new developers are learning (a) the languages already used by other software and (b) freely available "trendy" languages where they see the opportunity to take personal ownership. Lisp has issues in both categories.

I guess that makes me a Bolshevik.

- Daniel