New Contest [was Re: finished first chapter of ANSI common lisp, so far so good}

Bernd Schmitt wrote:
On 14.11.2007 15:26, Jason wrote:

If you like BASH, and Lisp, then take a look at TCL. It's sort of like
Lisp and BASH got together and had a baby. Freaky but effective.

I learned TCL because I hate bash. TCL/TK works perfect with C/C++
(criticl is like incremental compiling!).
Then I discovered eval-defun/region/... and lisp.

Cool. Let's have a contest, best Haiku-compliant RtL.

The above:

Bash? To Hell with it.
Give me tickle, C++...
Whoa. control-alt-vee!?


First I used Logo,
Then C. Can I do better?
Doh! Back to parentheses.



"In the morning, hear the Way;
in the evening, die content!"
-- Confucius