Re: basic questions

On Nov 19, 3:50 pm, carte...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Why can't I do this:

lisp hello.lisp
lisp -load hello.lisp
lisp -file hello.lisp

If I can't run a simple Hello World console application, I might as
well give up.

Thanks, CC.

So, why do you want to exit your Lisp after printing "Hello World"?
I'd never do that. I'd like to debug, run, code and test my `Hello
World'-application so it would print "Hello World!!!!11!1!!" instead
-- and I'd like to do it all using Lisp itself.

Don't you have an operating system that can start or run multiple
processes -- even processes/servers in the background?

(but ok, others have answered)

Lars Rune Nøstdal