Re: basic questions

cartercc@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I take this to mean that you want to shut the door on the Lisp
community and lock it, admitting no new users or new learners.

Yes. In fact, it is not clear how you got under the wire, we're interrogating the guards now.

If you
typify the Lisp community, I can understand why it's such a small and
ingrown community.

Boy, we saw that one coming.

Your big mistake was claiming to have read ACL and (* 3 PCL) and then being ready to give up on Lisp cuz you could not build an exe.

Computeth not. A non-troll would have read a few chapters of either book and finished his application and then come here jumping up and down with joy and a small problem, hey, how the hell do I deliver this thing!!!

Your post indicated you were checking on Lisp's hype when you read those four books and that you were considering abandoning the language because you could not do hello world after five minutes effort, meaning you were wondering if it was possible meaning you thought maybe Lisp was never used to program a computer. After reading four books on Lisp.

chya!, as the kids would say.

Suggest you get a new email and try again.


ps. Actually, I am hoping you are a troll, if you are for real...oh my. k


"In the morning, hear the Way;
in the evening, die content!"
-- Confucius