Doing the unthinkable?

Hi All,

I'm on an intel mac, OS X 10.4, and am contemplating actually
purchasing software. (Yeah, I know!)

I'm testing LispWorks Personal and Allegro CL (with 30 day demo), and
manged to get both environments connected (with postmodern and pals)
to my postgres db. Both seem to offer concurrent threads (still
looking into that).

I like the LW IDE. Real fancy. The GUI cocoa/aqua support sounds nice.
Haven't looked at the X11 too much. Unfortunately, it seems the ACL
IDE doesn't work on a mac. Too bad, cause I'd like to test that...

Anyone care to share their experiences with these environments,
especially on OS X? I'm not hell-bent on buying either one, and if I
do it might not be for a while. If there's a good free lisp that
supports FFI, Threads, maybe gui work, then I'd love to hear about
that too!