Re: Reasons to choose CLISP over other free implementations

On 28 nov, 22:25, Frank Goenninger DG1SBG <dont-email...@xxxxxxxxxx>
Javier <javu...@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
I'm testing some AI things. I'm not actually doing any professional
work on software development.
I was using OSX, but switched to Linux, as I discovered that Linux
treats programmers (specially Lisp programmers) much better.

Huh? What makes you make that statement? (I have been using both Linux
and OS X for years now and did not have any experience justifying such
a statement for myself - so: I'd really like to know ...)

Just three examples:

- CLISP was not avaible for Intel OSX for more than one year. I don't
know if it is avaible right now. Elsewhere, you still need to install
a lot of foreing stuff in order to make it run.
- SBCL thread support is very experimental and not enabled by default
on OSX.
- GTK is working badly on OSX (you have to install X11 which is not
nice and works slowly and not very well integrated), and compiling it
might be a hell. So bingins for GTK are working bad for Lisp