Re: Reasons to choose CLISP over other free implementations

"js" == Juho Snellman <jsnell@xxxxxx> writes:

js> Luckily I didn't advise people on what implementations they should not
js> use. There are good reasons to use clisp. I'm just saying that the
js> benchmarks you're misinterpreting aren't such reasons.

As the perpetrator of the cl-bench collection, I can second Juho's
recommendation. Several of the microbenchmarks included in the
collection are poorly designed, and don't test what they purport to
test; some of the Gabriel benchmarks are too small to be an adequate
test of modern machines.

I've been meaning to make a new release for a long time, and may
finally get around to it soon. If anyone has some interesting
CL benchmark code that can be freely redistributed and would
complement the existing tests, please send me email.

Eric Marsden

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