Re: do we need to 'nationalise' free open source?

Raffael Cavallaro <raffaelcavallaro@pas-d'espam-s'> wrote on Tue, 11 Mar 2008:
For example, while firms are free to effecively export jobs to earn greater
profits, consumers are not free to import pharmaceuticals from abroad where
they are less costly.

I agree with you that the restrictions on pharmaceutical imports are a shame,
and should be removed.

Secondly, even in theory free trade will cause massive dislocations to the
work force, many of whom do not have the means to retrain or reeducate
themselves. In theory there should be lifelong, government funded
retraining and education. In reality we don't even have full government
funding for first time college students, let alone middle aged workers who
will need retraining every decade or even more frequently, especially as
the pace of technological change increases. So the wealthy get the profits
of exporting jobs, but do not pay the cost of the retraining and continuing
education of those whose jobs were exported.

Again, I agree completely. Free trade definitely causes dislocations, and
those dislocations ought to be moderated by redistributing the additional
wealth that flows from free trade.

I share your unhappiness that the burdens from free trade fall
disproportionately on a small set of individual workers.

-- Don
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