Re: How to make time limited function?

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How to make a time aware function that will return the result or
whatever if it goes over it's time limit?
(calculate-last-years-expenditures datasheet :secunds 15)
120 000 000
not-finished-yet if it goes over it's time slice

That's implementation-dependent.  See for example here:


Thanks Edi. Do you have some experience with it, like running a huge
amount of them?


What I believe you're asking about is called an "engine" in Scheme.
An explanation and simple examples can be found here:

However, in Scheme, the simple implementation relies on general
What about delimited ones?
 Offhand, I can think of a few complicated ways to
express the functionality in CL ... but not a simple way.
Give me whatever you have on your, starting from scratch is the