Re: People don't like to open an app and have to open a file

gavino <gavcomedy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
Is this why Microsoft is rich?

I had huge argument with co worker who loved sharepoint by Microsft.
He said it
1 lets you click on a word or excel doc and it just opens
2 lets you search for text inside word or excel docs
3 that integration helps 'productivity', and using linux destroy it
and is 'being cheap' not spending the 200$ to just let people work.

I say screw all that and use my archlinux workstation. I can open
sharepoint in a browser, download the fiel to my homedir, and open it
in abiword or gnumeric.
This takes more work. I think this 'work' may be the lever used to
justify Microsoft's EXISTANCE in HUGE CORPS


It seems that the imagines agglomeration fo 'lost productivity'
because people can't launch a file from a web browser interface that
will open in the proper app is literally causing 1000s of managers to
stay home with M$.

I am aware that you can set firefox to open certain file types but and
not sure how well this works with a browser with a sharepoint page in

Do people have similar experiences?

This seems like a weak, weak reason for going one way or another, and
certainly hasn't any relationship with Lisp.

What I see as being more irritating is the notion that these sorts of
applications forcibly involve serializing the entirety of documents,
all at once.

A Truly Different Way would be to "connect to" a document, where the
document is expressed in more of a database-like fashion, and, in the
same fashion as occurs on a physical desktop, one may pick up and put
down numerous documents in the course of work, NOT needing some
"draw-the-whole-thing-out-of-its-file" process. You don't need to
"save" documents; you just put them away.

ObLisp: That's somewhat like the way Lisp Machines often had
substantial amounts of *really important* system state. (Smalltalk
environments can also express some of the same persistence model.)
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