Re: Open AIR (ne Hunchncells): New SoC idea

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008 14:08:13 -0400, Ken Tilton wrote:

Ken Tilton wrote:
Andy Chambers has been walking me thru interweb nursery school and it
is starting to look as if we can do something pretty killer with Ajax
/and/ steal some of Adobe's AIR thunder by offering alternate Cello
backends to deliver portable desktop apps from the same source.

Time is short, but this could be a great Google SoC project for someone
who can handle Lisp and Ajax tolerably well.

I am heading now to the project ideas page on Lisp-NYC, but email me
directly if interested.

Turns out the Lisp-NYC ideas form just takes a ten-word description. Oh,
well. Write for deets, deadline is Monday 5pm PST.


I only heard about the Lisp-NYC SoC from this newsgroup. If it would be
on Planet Lisp (one of those blog things), you could be more visible to
your target audience.

A deadline of 3 days is likely to scare anyone away anyway.

Oh wait, these are students. They do all their work right before the

Sohail Somani