Re: Are we close to a Lisp boom ?

Pertti Kellomäki <pertti.kellomaki@xxxxxx> writes:

There is lots of stuff out there for which it does not really matter
whether one is using CL, Python, Ruby, or any other half-sane
language. In that situation, the language where you can just say
"import X" for stuff like regexps, HTTP, HTML etc. is going to
win. And for good reason, I might add.

Yes. Fortunately, for the important Lisps one just goes to and
grabs CL-PPCRE (faster Perl-compatible regexps than Perl!) and
Hunchentoot. HTML generation is another issue, although I'm partial to
CL-WHO (also from Dr. Weitz). For a good portion of the '&c.'
is your one-stop shop...

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