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Well, RMS worked on the Lisp Machine. He even wrote manuals for it.
He wrote for example the Zmail manual
and co-wrote the Window System Manual. He knew the system very well.
Including Flavors, the object system. He himself wrote an
object-system before there was Flavors. Lisp Machine Lisp was
dynamically scoped with some support for closures.
There was more experience with dynamically scoped Lisps at that time.

Hmmm, thank you Rainer; that was informative. I didn't realize that
RMS had written an object system. I must remember to refer to you when
I'm looking for historical tidbits.


Well, you have to read for example the mentioned
Lisp Machine Window System Manual (available as PDF).
On page 2 there is a 'Note from Richard Stallman',
where he writes in what is clearly his style:

"The current implementation of the window system is based on
flavors, and was designed and implemented primarily by Howard
Cannon and Mike McMahon during 1980. It replaced an
earlier version implemented by me, which was based on
Smalltalk-like classes. The newer system is generally an
improvement, but as Howard Cannon steadfastly refused
to discuss the design with me I must decline responsibility
for such counterintuitive aspects as the definition of