Re: Are we close to a Lisp boom ?

Steve Cooper wrote:
I want exactly the go to and click download this.

Anyone got suggestions about why this doesn't already exist? I've been
learning CL with Peter Siebel's LispBox on Windows, and it's a great
start (clisp, slime, and emacs all correctly configured) but why isn't
there a common 'starter distro'? A compier and a large collection of
libraries so people can get going with less trouble?

History. Lisp began by exploding into variants, then on its deathbed threw off an ember that was CL the idea, which then got picked up by the wandering bands of AI winter survivors who again created a multiplicity of implementations joined by a standard but still a multiplicity hence not a one-stop shopping experience.

This will not change because CL is doing quite well now and we are all busy writing applications and do not care much about proselytizing.

Hmmm. Is there an opportunity for LW here? The ACL IDE has not made it to the mac, not even sure how great the *nix coverage is. Perhaps LW the company good put out a big "noobs welcome" sign and become the de facto portal to CL. Too bad CAPI does not have Cells.

In response to the original post; I suggest that what gets popular is
a combination of language, compiler/iterpreter, standard libraries,
and optionally, editor; eg, (ruby mri gems), (java javac sdk eclipse),
(c# csc .net framework visual studio), (perl activeperl cpan)

So I think that for there to be a boom, there has to be a default
compiler for beginners, distributed with a large-enough-to-be-useful
set of libraries. It's that compound entity that has a chance of

I think this is true, but we got together and decided it would be more fun to win on the merits of nothing but the language itself.

And it is so much fun watching the noobs trying to get up to speed. Ever sit at the top of the chairlift on the bunny slope watching the beginners spilling out of the chairs onto their faces?

Something like that.


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