wish for semantic web

Lisp people are used to think with macros. I think the a new
semantic web requires that people add their wishes or ideas to their
web pages ir order to give them further meaning.

The first step in this project is to define a tree of wishes and
encourage people to give certain tips about what they wish.

This is a century long project :)

I think that Lisp would be a very good language for exploratory
programming trying to define this kind of tree.

While other are rushing to get the fruits of the web, some people
take it easy and try to build an infrastructure that allows further
services that know seems very far away.

Why I'm thinking in Lisp people?

They should know that if you have a wish to get a fruit you have to
plant the seed and wait until the tree flourish.

I would like to know how to build a the trunk of this "tree of

The trunk has no images, no concrete details of people or animals,
only information about how to express (or catalog) a brand.

What is at the root of this tree?

Difficult to know, the wish for a better world pehaps require
education, values, and a sense of what world we need to build or

Abstract enough? I think this is not problem for people used to
think in macros.

Surely almost all people prefer twitter or blogging (instant
desires), but some people try to make macros, build from the bottom,
construct the root or the tree. Are this Lisp peoples?

(for-wish 'construct 'a 'better 'world 'is 'my 'wish)
(requires (and ('good 'education 'more)))
(do-this-act (and (work-hard) (define-the-tree))))