Re: Lisp on an FPGA

My Google skills must be deficient, I never saw that one, and it is about as close as one can get. Lessee, Morrison writes: "...a set of concepts which, based on my experience over the last 30 years, I think really does provide a quantum jump in improving application development productivity."

What a nut job! Any #lisp yobbo can tell you Cells is a figment of my imagination. A couple of them blogged their disappointment that I focused on the tired old Cells story at ECLM. Meanwhile exactly one hand in ninety-six went up when I asked how many of them used Cells, and that person is a Cells committer!

Let's see what else my fellow delusionist has to say:

"While this technology has been in use for productive work for the last 20 years, it has also been waiting in the wings, so to speak, for its right time to come on stage. Perhaps because there is a "paradigm
shift" involved, to use Kuhn's phrase (Kuhn 1970), it has not been widely known up to now, but I believe now is the time to open it up to a wider public."

Bad news, old sport, 2008 and the yobbos still don't get it. Apparently they need /documentation/. Well, OpenLaszlo gets it, FRP gets it, Flapjax and Adobe Adam get it...

"The time is now ripe for a new paradigm to replace the von Neumann model as the bridging model between hardware and software."

"It forces developers to focus on data and its transformations, rather than starting with procedural code. It encourages rapid prototyping and results in more reliable, more maintainable systems. It is compatible with distributed systems, and appears to be on a convergent path with Object-Oriented Programming. [See Cells. ed]

"Does it sound too good to be true? You be the judge! In the following
pages, we will be describing what I believe is a genuine revolution in the process of creating application programs to support the data processing requirements of companies around the world."

Raving lunatic!

"In this book, I will describe the concepts underlying this technology and give examples of experience gained using it."

Cool, now I do not have to document Cells.


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