Re: Cells: Request for Kenny Tilton

Sohail Somani wrote:
Ken Tilton wrote:

Sohail Somani wrote:

Ken Tilton wrote:

I did a proof of concept once. Anonymous functions are sorely missed, but at least there is the preprocessor.

How did you get through it? It is brutal...

Proof of concept is shorthand for "skipped a lot", as in "not getting through it".

I /did/ experience the phenomenon of "if it compiles it is probably right". A ton of "debugging" happened as I clawed my way thru to a clean compile. That was actually cool, but then again I was not exploring, I was porting.

Yeah, type correctness == program correctness flames aside, I find that this is a benefit of C++. I'd still much rather be doing it in CL though.

All the C++ solutions for this problem are so bad it makes me cry.

Ah, got links? To C++ solutions, I mean.

IIANM, Adobe Adam involved a frickin /preprocessing pass/ before C++ could have at it, taking us back to Blub programmers thinking what they are doing is normal because, well, it is. I forgot my point.


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