Re: Computer Science from Lisp perspective

On May 20, 6:37 am, jurgen_defurne <jurgen.defu...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have found the single most important
book which made me change the way I think about program, <a
href="";>How To Design Programs</

The exciting thing about Lisp is that it removes the most barriers
when it comes to studying computation/computer-science/abstraction. It
makes learning how to program so much easier. By the same token, once
you know how to program, you've got this awesome language with which
you may easily apply all the abstractions you have learned. That is
why people always say "Once you learn Lisp you will program in every
language differently"; because you will have learned how to program in
the first place.

Take your time to work through it. Do the exercises, study the program
design exercises.

Lisp is a kind teacher; it graciously reveals flaws in your study
habits. The above advice is the best resolve for such flaws.

Remember the single most important motivation in the
book :

everyone should learn how to design programs.

It is true. Everyone should learn because it develops the skills of:
1. Critical thinking.
2. Planning/Visualizing.
3. Abstracting.
4. Implementing/Doing.

All worthwhile stuff.

There are many paths to learning programming; the easiest is with
Lisp. Studying in particular. When the focus is only on producing
"real world code", the studying part usually gets lost.