Re: why are Macros special? & Protection of codes.

Thomas A. Russ wrote:
Well, you don't say which variety of Lisp you are using.

Hi, yes I'm using the common lisp implementation of CLISP on windows

You also don't quite say what level of effort you need to protect

Although they're not professional hackers, some still would try to
mess with the code to make it "different" and our regulations won't
allow that. I guess if it's compiled in machine language they wouldn't
know how to really modify it in any meaningful way. Though the output
of the system's C compiler (like the one GCL uses) appears less
readable/decodable than the bytcode compiled file (like the one of
CLISP), I think both outputs would be difficult to understand just by
the human eye looking at the code opened in any text editor right?
Ideally I would like to generate excutable (exe) programs but I think
that's not an easy option in CL.