Re: Difference between Allegro CL 8 and clisp ?

y> works just fine and the program completes. Now if I try to run the
y> *exact* same code base with clisp (I also tried cmu lisp) an error
y> occurs during processing (same error for both clisp and cmu lisp).

in most cases error messages are quite informative, so a good
starting point is actually reading the error message.

y> What I would like to know is how to
y> proceed to figure out why things work with one interpreter and not
y> with the other.

there are two possiblities: either you program relies on non-standard
feature, or there is a bug in one of implementations.

as with any error that is not obvious, best thing to analyze why it's wrong
is to make smallest reproducing example. if you have it, you can analyze
it if it conforms to specification, or ask help in this group, if nothing
else helps..