Re: Need Help: Setup up a Craigslist-like email forwarding server

HalfEmpty <ToPacifytheSky@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

I'm building a web application in lisp + hunchentoot. It's almost
done, except the email part.

I'd like to keep email anonymity, and I really dig craigslist's
system. I assume it works like this:

1. Assign a random email address to a post/ad.
2. When the server receives an incoming email to that address, just
look up the real email address and forward it.

What library do I need to implement this? (I don't think hunchentoot
has an email client. I could be wrong. Never work with email before.)

Search for email, and imap, there are several libraries.
In particular, mel-base seems interesting:

__Pascal Bourguignon__