Re: Lisp Design Patterns

On 30 sep, 09:02, Pascal Costanza <p...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Related to Lisp: There are many uncodified suggestions and guidelines
for programming in Lisp. It would be a step forward if we could
formulate them as patterns, because this would create a body of
knowledge that is much easier to communicate than the typical informal
discussions we see in our community over and over again. [1]

Do you have any examples? Because everything that leaps to mind for me
already has perfectly good names and descriptions and there are good
books with solid advice on when to use them and when not (with-
macros, overriding accessors, mapping functions, unintentional
variable capture vs anaphoric macros ...). Hell, even compiling to a
network of closures has a name, and is described nicely by Graham. Is
this just a case of wanting Lispers to sound like C++ dorks and say "I
think you should use the ClosureNetwork pattern here (snort)", or am I
missing something?