Your success story


I want to know of your employment, as Lisp programmers.
I want to know, which problems you have happened to solve with Lisp,
either in your personal practice or at work. For me it is interesting
to know, what in the world can be solved with Lisp today, because i'm
finishing my third book on the subject (Abelson & Sussmans' "SICP",
first two were P. Norvig's "Paradigms of AI programming..." and
"Gentle Introduction to symbolic computations"), and it seems, that
time is to get some practice.

So I want to know, what kind of project I can take as example of good
Lisp application, or at least - which field of problems this
application can be from.

If anyone is participating in some military, scientific, medical
projects - you can tell me your story too, cause it's not only
enterprise business applications that form the collections of
masterpieces of programming art, I think))