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On Mon, 06 Apr 2009 07:39:29 -0700, BubbaFrench wrote:
If anyone is participating in some military, scientific, medical
projects - you can tell me your story too, cause it's not only
enterprise business applications that form the collections of
masterpieces of programming art, I think))
I am solving economic models using Lisp, but I am certain that my
programs don't belong in any "collections of masterpieces of
programming art", more in the "barely manageable mudball" category.
Still, they would be even less manageable in any other language.
It is unclear to me what your purpose is. Are you trying to decide
whether to use Lisp? Then why just not try it on your next project,
whatever your field of expertise is? Then you will have first-hand
Somebody telling you about their great medical/military/etc
application won't magically give you the knowledge to write
medical/military/etc apps in Lisp, so this doesn't affect your
decision problem.
If you are just trying to gather your courage to start programming in
Lisp, drink some kosher plum brandy and sit down at the keyboard.
The matter is, that company, I work for, does little but commercial
enterprise programming (I write in Java). There is no doubt that Java
is good for that. But there are some things, that Java cannot deal
with and Lisp can. That leads me to question - how that potential of
new programming patterns, that come with dynamic/reflexive language;
how can that potential lead to expansion of applicativity of computers
to some fields where C/C++/Java/Python/etc can do little but a big
mess, or (what is even more important), can do nothing at all))
If you already know Java then why don't you simply try Clojure?
You can recycle your knowledge of APIs and tools and get Lisp inside a
JVM. Maybe you can even convince your project manager that you can write
some of your companies code in Clojure.
But even if you just want it for your hobby projects have a look.

Or ABCL....

....or SISC or Kawa or JScheme or Stella or ...


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