Re: compiling (Qi to) Lisp to Python: some observations

On 16 Apr, 13:00, Slobodan Blazeski <slobodan.blaze...@xxxxxxxxx>
How do you mean you've compiled to Python? Python is a compiler.


I mean that Qi can now produce (type secure) Python code as well as
type secure CL. The command is

(quip "<filename here>.qi")

and the resultant Python file is "<filename here>.py. This allows me
to plug in my Qi code into the well-provided Python libraries. My
provider soes not support CL but does support Python.

Eventually we will run the system under Qi/tk and you'll just click on
'File ...' and 'Output to ...' and choose what language you want your
Qi program outputted to - CL, Python, NewLisp, Clojure - even perhaps
C if we bolt on CLiCC.