Re: ..a couple of pastes; STM and data-flow stuff..

On Apr 14, 4:28 am, Raffael Cavallaro <raffaelcavall...@xxxxxxxxx>
On Apr 13, 7:57 pm, Lars Rune Nøstdal <larsnost...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So much spam. Here is some code-spam:

STM (similar to what clojure has):

dataflow (hi kt):

STM and dataflow combined, just finished this:

"processes" / message-queue (more "absolute worlds" for STM to sync
against == more concurrency):

..there is more work to do. Need a killer-app. also. Online, real-time
collaboration on a spread-sheet? Bit boring, and I guess Google has
this already ..

PS: IMHO Lisp still rocks. I can't imagine doing this in Java .. :/

where is stm-class?

No, this is wrong. I need a "killer app.", first.

PS: I just noticed that my STM implementation does not have problems
with thread starvation. Take that, dumb ass fancy Haskell syntax. (i
wish i could parse that stuff tbh....)