Re: Anyone have experience with building Windows executables with free Common Lisp implementations?

* (Pascal J. Bourguignon) <7cab6ffmjy.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> :
Wrote on Fri, 17 Apr 2009 15:16:01 +0200:

| Open source developers expect to be delivered the _sources_ of the
| applications, not the executables. Already, with the sources I find
| it hard to trust the software, have a look at
| so
| when I get a binary the first thing I do is to erase it, download the
| sources, browse them and recompile them myself.

Are you sure you're not missing the point of that classic paper? ---
Thompson is asking you to reflect on trusting the compiler and tool
chain---and just inspecting the source you are compiling will not
protect you from evil virii present in the tool chain that you are
implicitly trusting.

Madhu :)