Re: 3n+1 problem

* Raffael Cavallaro
Wrote on Tue, 21 Apr 2009 11:20:22 -0700 (PDT):

| On Apr 21, 8:32 am, Espen Vestre <es...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
|> And btw. I think the whole competition is rather boring. It's much more
|> fun to play with math stuff using bignums anyway, especially for
|> problems like this one. For instance, the sequence length divided by the
|> number of bits in the number appears to approach 7-something for large
|> numbers. Now if I only could find a theorem proving something like that
|> ;-)
| <>
| i.e., unlikely, since it's unproven that the sequence even terminates
| for all inputs, but I suspect you already knew that...

I think Espen Vestre was implicitly implying that if the property he
discovered could be proved, then there would be a new way to solve the
open problem.

Even if Espen's property could be shown to true for sequences that
terminate, it would open up a new (possibly IT based) approach for
solving the open problem. (So far I've not seen this approach taken in
the tiny amount of literature I've seen)