Re: Why is LISP, Python the hackers

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Lars Rune Nøstdal wrote:
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Btw., this seems to be his (Peter Norvig's) last words on Lisp:

"Where is Lisp Losing? ... falling far behind: GUI, HTTP, TCP/IP,
Threads, binaries"

SBCL and CCL seem to have a lot of this covered these days:

  * HTTP: Yeah. Hunchentoot, teepeedee2, UCW/LoL and WUI has a HTTP
server too I believe. It's so easy writing one from scratch now using
USOCKET or IOLib, so I got my own special purpose tiny HTTP thingy

  * TCP/IP: Both SBCL and CCL can do this. Also USOCKET and IOLib.

  * Threads: Both SBCL and CCL can do this. Also bordeaux-threads.

  * Binaries: Not sure what this means, but
is more than good enough for me. It sure beats deploying PHP- or
Python-stuff IMHO.

Clojure has all of this covered too:

* GUI: ready access to Java's Swing, AWT, SWT libraries.
* HTTP: ready access to Java's HTTP libraries, and furthermore there
   are Clojure libraries being produced for deploying web apps and
   similar purposes. It's one area of especially rapid library
* TCP/IP: ready access to Java's TCP/IP libraries.
* Threads: ready access to Java's threading facilities, and has its
   own concurrency features, including its nearly-unique STM and some
   parallel algorithms.
* Binaries: Clojure binaries are as easy to deploy as Java binaries.

Then, Java has that too: ready access to Java's libraries. I hear they
are even written in Java - Java's libraries.