Re: Very simple question -- CLOS for the GCL?

On Feb 1, 12:05 am, "Antti \"Andy\" Ylikoski" <antti.yliko...@xxxxxx>
Slobodan Blazeski wrote:
On Jan 31, 4:22 pm, "Antti \"Andy\" Ylikoski" <antti.yliko...@xxxxxx>
The version of the GNU Common LISP that I'm currently using in my PC
does not have the Common LISP Object System.

Does there exist a version of the GCL that contains the CLOS, or has
somebody written a CLOS system for the GCL?

Antti Ylikoski
Helsinki Univ of Tech
Helsinki, Finland, the EU
Is there any specific advantage of using an GCL while there is a ton
of an implementations both OSS and commercial ones that implement full
ANSI Common Lisp standard together with many other useful features?


Thank you for the information -- now could you mention here in the
newsgroup those -- a ton of -- full ANSI Common LISP implementations --
or maybe better, some interesting ones among them.

I'm not a LISP aficionado.

regards, Antti Ylikoski
Helsinki, Finland, the E.U.
Try this


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