Re: Kenny vs Knuth?

Zach Beane wrote:
Kenneth Tilton <kentilton@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

You decide: ... uh-oh, I need a web hosting solution where I can
install my own software including aserve... AWS? Or do I misunderstand
what they are offering?

Ideas welcome, but plz think "scalable".

I've heard of more than a couple people using SBCL on Amazon's EC2
virtual server service. I don't know if Allegro CL will work, but it
would be cheap & easy for you to find out. I've been pretty happy with
using Amazon's other AWS services (particularly S3) from CL.


Thx. It occurred to me I am already using S3 and would prolly use their ecommerce if I start charging so I may as well start with AWS.


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