Re: Error when use the ASDF

Yongwei Xing <jdxyw2004@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Hi all

I am trying to use the ASDF. I follow the instruction
When I run the command (load "asdf/asdf.lisp"), I got the error

[1]> (load "~/Documents/cl/asdf/asdf.lisp")
;; Loading file /home/jdxyw/Documents/cl/asdf/asdf.lisp ...
Upgrading ASDF package to version 2.111

*** - READ from
#P"/home/jdxyw/Documents/cl/asdf/asdf.lisp" @727>
: #<PACKAGE POSIX> has no external symbol with name "UID"
The following restarts are available:
ABORT :R1 Abort main loop

Does anyone meet it before?

I am using Ubuntu 9.04 Clisp 2.48

This is strange, on linux, clisp has a function named POSIX:UID.

The only way you'd be missing them is if the distributor (Ubuntu)
explicitely removed the syscalls module when compiling clisp.

In any case, the best is to compile one's tools oneself.

Fetch clisp sources (2.49 while you're at it), and compile them
yourself, so that you know what goes in.

__Pascal Bourguignon__