Re: The pervasiveness of DEFVAR and the Lisp curse

In article <ipchlr$gur$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Tim Bradshaw <tfb@xxxxxxxx>

On 2011-04-28 21:00:06 +0100, RG said:

The pervasiveness of DEFVAR is far from CL's worst problem. But it is
not IMHO easily dismissed as trivial either.

I was not trying to do so. Disposing of nuclear waste is not trivial
either (and is also not the worst problem of nuclear power generation,
which is probably avoiding its abuse for creating weapons materials).
Are either a reason to abandon nuclear power? Not in my opinion,

I'm not suggesting that CL be abandoned.

I guess what annoys me is this endless sniping: it would be stupid to
claim CL is perfect, but in my case I've realised I don't have the time
(and almost certainly don't have the talent) to attempt to design a
better system. So, generally, I try and avoid sniping at CL (which,
just to repeat mysefl, is *not* the same as trying to claim it has no
problems). Sniping helps no-one: it's better to present a constructive
alternative[*], or say nothing.

That being said, I am now, of course, sniping at you. Given I have no
constructive alternative, I should probably shut up instead.

[*] which I realise you have to a great extent done,

Thank you for recognizing that.

just not in this thread.

My time is limited. I cannot reiterate fifteen years worth of
campaigning every time I bring this up.