Re: Quicklisp beginner question

On 9.6.2011 15:30, Petter Gustad wrote:
Antti J Ylikoski<antti.ylikoski@xxxxxx> writes:

I have a Quicklisp beginner question. After I have loaded a system,
e. g. with (ql:quickload "l-math"), how can I get access to the
documentation of the system?

How do you get access to the documentation when you're not using
QuickLisp? Or are you looking for the location of the actual
downloaded files in order to search for documentation there? Then you
could start by locating the result of:

What are you saying? "Access to the documentation when you're not using QuickLisp?" I implied I already have downloaded and installed Quicklisp, and my question specifically asks for advice concerning the status that the user has the Quicklisp in his/her use (I BTW use the SBCL, the SLIME and the GNU Emacs. XEMACS has annoying bugs. Clozure is very, very good but I prefer the SBCL.)


(asdf:component-relative-pathname (asdf:find-system "l-math"))