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From: Savut (
Date: 04/01/04

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 12:06:10 -0500

Page are divised because it's aimed to keep webpage small, what if you had
30000 records, will you load them all just because you want to edit one row.
But anyway, I am not starting a fight, your relationnal feature is
excellent, it would be a pain to do it in html. Euh, what I mean faster, is
not about loading data, what i mean is displaying, The time flash use to
display the data in the interface and recreate the objects and all, it take
much more time that html plain text in browser. That's the point, unless you
use phpMyAdmin on a slow server, but on intranet the time it take to
generate a new page is only less than half a seconde, this is pretty faster
than the time is take for the flash to just display the data. But what is
really good is the drag & drop workspace and the low bandwidth comsomming.


"Darren Gates" <> wrote in message
> Regardless of whether one feels that frames or Flash is evil or not...
> there
> are many things that can be done in Flash that are simply *impossible* (or
> at least, REALLY hard) to implement using HTML.
> I present to you the "relationships building" tool in phpFlashMyAdmin...
> how
> would this be done using phpMyAdmin (with InnoDB tables)? Well, you could
> certainly could use "alter table" SQL syntax, but that's a pain to do over
> and over for every change. Then, to delete or alter the relationship, you
> must also use SQL... why not simply drag and drop the relationships
> visually
> and instantaneously? By using Flash, creating and modifying foreign key
> relationships among tables (and thus enforcing so-called "referential
> integrity") is WAY easier than by executing SQL.
> As far as speed goes... how is it that loading 40 KB of HTML is faster
> than
> loading 5 KB of XML? (with the extra 35 KB being extraneous display
> information that phpMyAdmin must load with *every* page refresh)...
> granted,
> Flash must parse the XML and load the data into a component, but the time
> needed for that is quite trivial.
> And then there are the page refreshes... After I've accessed the 15th page
> of a recordset and edited some number of records using phpMyAdmin, I'm
> nearly about to pull my hair out waiting for pages to refresh!
> phpFlashMyAdmin elminates page refreshes completely.
> "Savut" <> wrote in message
> news:ApWac.63734$
>> Flash is more evil as it use third party. There is a lot more browsers
>> supporting frames than flash (~75% only) in the world.
>> Secondo, for timed task, HTML users has been proven to be 40% faster than
>> the flash version.
>> But still a good project, it may lead to something good later.
>> Savut
>> "Paul Taylor" <> wrote in message
>> > IMHO frames are far more evil than Flash.
>> >
>> > Paul Taylor
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>> > On Thu, 01 Apr 2004 04:11:56 GMT, "Ian.H" <>
>> > wrote:
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>> >>On Thu, 01 Apr 2004 01:50:39 +0000, Darren Gates wrote:
>> >>
>> >>> hi PHP users,
>> >>>
>> >>> Here's a Flash 7 version of phpMyAdmin:
>> >>>
>> >>>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>Wow.. sorry Darren.. but how pointless is this!?
>> >>
>> >>Flash is _EVIL_.. and _DEFINITELY_ has no place in administration like
>> >>this IMO.. and has such a limited audience capacity.. it makes it even
>> >>more useless (most modern browsers will work with phpMA fine providing
>> >>they handle frames (I've not checked if this can be config'd in phpMA
>> >>to
>> >>not use frames).. but flash is a completely separate.. 3rd-party
>> >>requirement).
>> >>
>> >>Someone has way too much time on their hands =)
>> >>
>> >>Just my opinions anyway.
>> >>
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>> >>
>> >>Regards,
>> >>
>> >> Ian
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