Re: Limiting HTML char count code with php.

From: Sims (
Date: 04/14/04

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:05:18 +0100

> >
> >How could the above be achieved?
> In essence: Pick out the bit between the single quotes and check it's
> length.

Sorry I am not sure I follow what you are saying.
I want the output text length to be limited not the tags.

> All the stuff you need is at:
> (see explode, strlen)
> BTW what are you planning doing it it's too long?

Well if I can limit the number of characters it is easier to display.
for example if I do not want a table to have more than 50 chars then I could
truncate them, but I only want to truncate characters that will be
not the html tags that are not displayed.

In my example given I want to limit to 10 the number of characters
but not the tags should be excluded.

$text = "<a href='somelonnnnnnngg'>this is a </a>";
                                                             ^^ only 10

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