CURL - Going to URL

From: Charles (
Date: 04/16/04

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 11:07:17 +0100

On a web site that I am developing I have a form that needs to be validated
before sending the form data and the user to an external web site. Before
the form and user gets sent onto the external web site I need the data from
the form and from session variables to be saved to a database.

So far what I have done is for the form action page to be
$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] so that the code is validated and if it is correct then
the data is saved to a database. Once the data is saved I want to send the
POST form data onto the external web site along with the user. I have used
CURL to send the POST data but CURL only returns the external web site and
displays it on my web page instead of redirecting the user to the external
web site. Is it possible to get CURL to send the browser onto the given URL?
If not is there any other way of solving this problem?

Thank you for your time,