Installing another PHPBB forum.

From: Prince Of Thieves (
Date: 07/28/04

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 16:04:14 +1000

I've got a forum setup on a remote server (Win2K Server) which is PHPBB
V2.0.6 using MySQL. The forum works OK. I can't tell what version of PHP is
installed- is there a way?

I've setup a new folder on that server, seperate from the existing forum,
and created a new web site in IIS pointing to that folder (I put the new web
site on port 81 as opposed to the current one on port 80).

If I put in the following:

in a local web page (using Remote Desktop from my WinXP PC to get local
access to the server), all I get is the contents of the PHP file- it doesn't

Why is this happening when I know that PHP is installed on this server? The
other forum works fine.

Prince Of Thieves
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