ASP to PHP Conversion (x-posted)

From: Wayfarer (
Date: 10/02/04

Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 17:44:20 -0400



Please pardon the crossposting, but I'm new to PHP and I didn't take the
time to see which newsgroup would be best suited to this request.

In an attempt to enter the sweet air of open source by leaving the Dark
Side (aka Micro$oft), I'd like to convert an existing classic ASP
website to PHP. I've seen asp2php and, for a Windoze person like me,
I've had a terrible time figuring out how to use it, much less set up
some kind of batch conversion so I can just let it loose on an entire
multi-directory project locally much like the ASP to ASP.NET Migration

It has to be freeware and run under Win XP.

Can anyone help me, or am I beyond help entirely (at least in this



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