Re: preg_match_all handle with spaces in between...

Janwillem Borleffs wrote:
> So, $results[0][0] isn't empty. But when you print it and view it in your
> browser, the matched string being embedded in <>, your browser thinks that
> it's a HTML tag and doesn't display it. When you would apply the
> htmlentities() function to $results[0][0] or simply view the generated
> source in a text editor, your will see the output.

Your right, it works with htmlentities($results[0][0]);
I also understand more about it now...
One last thing, I see that when I use it in uppercase:
< % IMAGE (picture.jpg|400|267|Description) % >
Then the code cant find this...
Is there a trick to ignore upper and lower cases?



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