Re: link to include

martin wrote:

i have a code to browse all thumb images in dir/ with link to pics to dir2/:


$folder1 = (folder1/);
$folder2 = (folder2/);
$open_folder= opendir($folder1);

while($pic = readdir($open_folder))
if($pic == '.' || $pic == '..'){
<a href="<?=$folder2.$pic?>"><img style="border: 0" src="<?=$folder1.$pic?>" title="<?=$pic?>" /></a>

and it's OK. but..
how to modify the code so that the <a href...> would open the pics to the same page (a la include), not to blank new one as current? or all the code should be any other?

Unless you've done something weird to your browser, an <A href=...> link should open in the same window. Nothing to do with include, or PHP at all, in fact.

-- Oli .

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