Re: What is the difference between php & asp?

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:09:12 -0700, "Nicolas Verhaeghe"
<nospam_nicver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Newbie here, and wondering which one would be the best to implicate a job
>> board? How do I go about putting up a job board?
>> I've seen stuff for php and asp but what's the difference? As a newbie
>> what
>> would be the easiest to start with?
>> I'm looking for a an easy cut and paste solution.
>As a programmer who uses both languages, here is in a nutshell:
>ASP is a Microsoft product based on the very ackward Visual Basic syntax
>(Example: If / End If).
>PHP is a C-Like, very compact and well organized. Some ackwardness, but it
>makes it more romantic ;)
>ASP works better on Microsoft servers. There is a possibility to run ASP on
>Linux and BSD but I would not recommend, because of the fact that ASP relies
>a lot on external components that often come in the form of DLLs that you
>need to physically register on the server.
>PHP works fine on both environments but a Linux/BSD server will run your
>scripts faster than a Windows box because of the overhead (or lack thereof).
>Out the box solutions:
>Both languages are popular but PHP for some reason has more Open License
>solutions that you can implement for free or for a donation if you are a
>good guy (usually if your project makes you richer, you are supposed to give
>PHP can be easily installed with a very large number of tools such as image
>manipulation, upload, email, etc...
>ASP requires the registration of components to do that and very ackward
>object declarations. Most of these components are not free.
>ASP is very slow. Darn slow. Not suitable for traffics of thousands a day.
>Many ASP Web sites evolved towards either PHP or Dot Net when they became
>PHP is way faster. Dot Net (ASPx) is now faster but really not popular.
>Database connectivity:
>ASP works better with SQL Server and Access. I have not used it with MySQL,
>because it does not make sense.
>PHP works very very well with MySQL (PostGreSQL as well, but I know nobody
>who uses it). It works fine with SQL Server and Access if you really really
>want to use these database systems, but Access is slow. SQL Server is
>Simply put:
>If you have to use a Microsoft server, then use ASP/SQL Server.
>If you have to use a Linux or BSD Server (or anything Unix), then use
>I have 3 ASP clients and the three have a substential budget. They spend
>hundreds of dollars a month just in hosting fees. Their databases are SQL
>Server in the three cases.
>All the others (a bunch) are PHP clients, people on a budget for the most
>part, who don't care what solution is used as long as they have a nice Web
>site with the bells and whistles that they need.
>Windows hosting is now a lot more affordable (try Crystal Tech, for
>instance -I have no stock), but really I would go PHP if I were you, because
>as far as Web boards are concerned, you have some awesome products out
>there, like PhpBB (Open License), vBulletins (OL), YABB (OL), Invision
>(Paid), to name a few...
Thank you for that. I have wondered quite often about the differences.