Re: DB without MYSQL?

Charles wrote:
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NC wrote:
Frits van Leeuwen wrote:
Is it posible to create and use a DB without MYSQL or SQL?
Depends on how you define a database. If you want data storage, you
can store data in text files. If you want fast lookups, joining, etc.,
you're better off with a database.

My provider doesn't give me the posebillety to use MYSQL or SQL.
Perhaps, you should fire your provider and get a real one?

Cheers, NC

I am new to PHP but you could look at SQLite. You can search the PHP extended manual for info. Another external database that has been around longer is BerkeleyDB. This is C\C++ driven database.

I haven't tried teh BerkeleyDB files with PHP yet myself. On the PHP side of
things I also found some documentation here that may be helpful...


For the Berkeley DataBase their is a C\C++ and Java version. If I remember correctly, maybe 10 years, ago when Netscape opened their source code. I found that Netscape used the Berkeley Database heavily if not exclusively.

Others are pointing you to XML. Not sure how well that is supported in php 4 as in php 5. Most Hosts use php 4. The learning curve is much greater for XML than SQL. But in the long run it would make sense to have XML experience.

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