Re: Doubts about platform setting for PHP and ASP

Luting wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am confused about the platform requirements for PHP and ASP.
PHP requires Apache server and php server.

Where have you seen an php server to be mentioned?
Must say this is the first time I ever have heard about anything like that, and I have been working with PHP for years.

The requirements for PHP for web usage is a web server (it can be made to work with most of the major web servers, but Apache is the easiest to use it with and it's a better choice than many of the others).

But ASP only require IIS.

If you want to run the "official" stuff, then you are required to use IIS which in it's turn requires a specific operating system, which don't give you the opportunity to select a more secure environment and a more secure web server.

There are ASP that can be run on Apache too.

I guess IIS is similar functionally to Apache.

Both are web servers, they have differences as how easy they are to configure and get them to run properly, if you think about which one to use, I suggest you follow the path of the majority and use the more secure and easier to configure web server from Apache Software Foundation.

And I heard that PHP is compatible with IIS too. Is that right? How
do I do the configuration in order to run PHP on IIS?

I would suggest the following
1. Download a version of wamp
2. Uninstall IIS
3. Install the wamp
4. You will be happier
5. You have more time to live your life